Our Company

ViaTech is employee-owned and employee-driven. We believe each individual on the team is a business partner, and as partners we think long-term, work together, and constantly challenge each other for ideas and solutions. This leads to quicker decision making and actions focused on solving problems.

People want information when they need it, in the formats that are best for them, wherever they are in the world.

That’s what we deliver.

Our History

ViaTech was founded in a classroom at Columbia University in 1995 when Michael Bertuch wrote a paper describing the business model as his master’s thesis. As printers continue a failed quest to “print for less”, ViaTech shows customers how to use technology to print less, instead. ViaTech software pushes content to the most efficient output device, whether that’s a cell phone, eReader, laptop, or printing press, and in the process, eliminates waste. ViaTech solutions help client companies efficiently perform their critical core processes while protecting data with the highest level of security. We serve clients in hospitality, training, publishing, healthcare, legal services, and one-to-one marketing.

ViaTech Core Values

  • Self-Direction
  • Elimination of Waste
  • Transparency
  • Peer Review
  • Market Adaptability
  • Success Measured by Profitability

Our Technology Solutions

The ViaTech team has created the world's most complete ecosystem of business process optimization tools. The ViaTech suite covers all stages of enterprise content, from creation to consumption, and creates bottom-line value to businesses we serve.

What can ViaTech do for you?

Start the conversation today, and discover what your business is capable of when utilizing the best suite of tools and right partner.